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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution
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A dream that lasted a lifetime

Your eyes are filled with an impurity that loves absolutely nothing. You are a demon that befouls pure souls with your hands and lips. Ah, how splendid you are.

I write sins, not tragedies.

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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

I'm just so done with everything today. And I dont really think that Im depressed, I think Im scared mixed with apathetic. I have so much that I need to do with my life in the next few months that I just want to give up and not try anymore. I just want to curl up in bed and do nothing forever. Its been 2 years and I havent lost jack shit for weight. Its been 7 years and I will only now, this winter, be getting my associate's degree. I'm just so done with everyone and their bullshit. I feel like I can't stand anyone anymore, even myself. I'm just done. Done. Its Friday afternoon on a three-day weekend and I don't have jack shit to do but clean my house and go food shopping. And its not because I have nothing to do, there's nothing worth doing and I don't want to do anything. I just want to heave a big sigh and make everything go away. I wish I could attribute this to missing a med dosage or hormones but its neither. I dont even want to make dinner tonight. I want to do nothing.

Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

These doujinshi will soon be going to eBay for a higher price if they do not sell. I'm selling them for much less than I bought them for!


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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]


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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

My LJ friends page has become so overrun with communities on shit I really don't care about and people whom I have no idea who you are.


I'm purging my LJ for the first time ever. And I've had this for like 4 years maybe. Wow.

If you are a user that is afraid you might get deleted, just throw a comment at me saying HEY. DONT. and we're cool.

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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

I'm not gonna say never again but....


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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

Bleach Icons
9 Nnoitora

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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

OMG. Just watched Hellsing OVA V. About 5 minutes into it I decided to take notes, and it was such a good idea. So here's my review on this OVA, since I did one for IV. Also, if anyone needs a download link, there are a few up at hellsing , as well as a link for 175 very clear screen caps in a download. And I finally need to put in my two cents on Walter and his move to Millennium.



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Determination :: Perseverance :: Resolution [userpic]

If you would like to add me, please leave a comment to this entry.
If you want to add me just because we belong to the same fandom, please dont bother. I dont put up fanfiction or any fandom stuff in my journal, its mainly about my actual life, hence why it is friends only. I wont add you If we've never spoken more than a few times.
Try to know me and hold a decent conversation.
18+ only.

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